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Religious Books

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Grade Summary


  What Religion Is And Does by Horace Houf Very Fine condition Hard Back, 414 pages. This book is in two sections, generic religion and Hebrew-christian religion. The first part discusses the general religion of world while the secound half discusses the religion of the jews. Interesting ideas. 12.00
  Counterfeit Miracles by Warfield new Paperback,327 pages. The cessation of charismata paristic and mediaeval marvels, Faith Healing and Mind cure 8.00
  God Knowable And Known by Ronayne XF Hard Back,408 pages, copywright 1902, This is a interesting book that deals with Natural knowledge, God Creator, Buddhism, Moral World, Conscience, St Augustine's Soliloquy. 12.00
  What's Left to Believe by Setzer Like new Hardback with cover jacket and 236 pages. This book deals with such subjects as Is the Bible really the Word of God, Creeds, Free will, Jesus Son of God, Hell Heaven, return of Jesus, etc. 8.00
  The Thunderous Silence of God by Clayton like new Paperback, 79 pages,Subjects are, From Heaven or Men, History of a principle, Toleration, Delusion or Dishonesty. Thought provoking subjects. 6
  Voices above the Crowd by Taylor Like new Hard Back, 96 pages, Life styles of fifteen outstanding Americans. 6
  Five Presdent Day Controversies by Jefferson XF Hardback, 175 pages, copyright 1902, The subject matter is- Two views of the Bible, Evolution, Genesis, virgin birth, Creeds, Roman catholicism, Ku Klux Klan. Interesting reading. 8
  Whit and Wisdon of Billy Graham like new Hard Back, 165 pages, Interesting subject matter about Billy Graham 8
  teaching our Faith in God by Dewolf Like new Hard Back with 188 pages, Subject matter is christian education, Meaning of faith, Christian Doctrine, Triune God, Holy Spirit. 8
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